Apple Modem

LAST UPDATE :  24 janvier 2020

Apple Personal Modem  : A9M0304 &  A9M0311

APPLE MODEMS : A9M0301- A9M0300 ( 300 & 1200 baud)

Others references

( Apple DJINN - modem tristandard - Modem Universel ) - Apple Tell card and the last USB modem.

APPLE DATA MODEM  2400  ( G5432 )

This is a link to the Apple Tell card french manual.

The Apple modem 300 is the model  A9M0300 .

The Apple modem 1200 is the model A9M0301 and was produced in cream or white color.

From french manufacturer Hello Informatique, please welcome Tristan_dard and Iseut ( which is quite a prototype modem with a memory card. Pictures of Roland Moreno, with on his desk probably prototype of the Iseut modem.